Your Home’s Honey-Do List for July

In June, your honey-do list featured many items to get your home ready for summer. Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to take a vacation! Here’s your home’s Honey-Do list to help you get ahead of your around-the-house to-do list for July.

1. Prep your house for vacation – Ready to take off for a few weeks? I don’t blame you! Just make sure you take care of a few necessities before you head to the beach. To avoid coming home to unpleasant smells, clean out the fridge and take the garbage out. Close the blinds and turn down the air conditioner to keep energy costs down. And perhaps most importantly, take measures to ensure your home is secure. July and August are the most frequent months for home break-ins. So, be sure to review this list of tips to secure your home before you lock up.

2. Tend to your garden – Hopefully those regional plants you selected last month are booming and blooming. July is the month of maintenance: keep roots well watered, deadhead annuals, and harvest veggies. For a complete list of garden to-dos follow this zone-by-zone guide. Worried about your plants dying while you’re away? Try some of these tricks for keeping your plants hydrated with minimal work.

3. Maintain your lawn – The grass is always greener…at your house (if you follow these tips for maintaining your lawn).

4. Keep Fido Safe (& Cool!) – While you’re out enjoying the long, lazy days of summer, protect your pets from the summer heat with this list of must-dos.

5. Monitor Home from Away - Products like Nest and other home automation systems can help reduce energy costs during the warm summer months. Keep curtains drawn, or opt to install motorized window treatments to make keeping the sun’s rays at bay a breeze.

6. Replace Your Shower Head – With hot and sticky weather upon us, one place you’re probably spending more time in lately is your shower! Make showering more luxurious by replacing your showerhead. First step: cover the tub with an old towel to prevent scratching the porcelain!

7. Throw a Party – Now that you’ve ticked off your honey-do list, it’s time to party! Longer days and milder temperatures make summer the ideal time for backyard entertaining. Looking for some unique party ideas? We’ve got you covered. While you’re at it, pick up a few of these nifty kitchen gadgets that make hosting at home even more fun!

Stay tuned for next month’s honey-do list which will help you take advantage of the last few weeks of summer and get your home ready for fall.

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