Welcome Home: Dicola Family Dream House

In 2001, Jimmy Dicola bought a small home in Brook Heights, NY with big plans to make it a Dream Home for his wife, Tracey and two girls, Natalie and Dayna. Unfortunately Jimmy’s vision never became a reality as he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly thereafter.

Tracey and her daughters’ greatest wish for their home was to have a place to spend more time together as a family. In a world that seems to become busier and busier, I find their request for a dinner table where they could share meals at the end of the day to be refreshing.

To make the “little house with a lot of love” feel bigger without expanding its footprint, George Oliphant of George to the Rescue works with co-contractor Stephen Fanuka and architect Gordon Kahn to open up the home’s floorplan. The key, according to Kahn, is to “create borrowed light and space from one room to another, while at the same time, maintaining articulated spaces.”

The George to the Rescue team completes an amazing transformation. Afterwards, Coldwell Banker asked the Dicola Family to describe what “Home Sweet Home” means to them. Tracey puts it best when she says “home is definitely where the heart is.”

Want to see the complete episode? Watch the full segment of George to the Rescue: The Dicola Family Dream House.

Welcome home, Dicola family!

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