The Ultimate Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen

Sure it’s August, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the backyard this summer. Many a BBQ is yet to be had. One of the things that any outdoor party host will tell you they wish they had but can’t always afford to build is an outdoor kitchen.

Ulaelu is looking to make that a bit more of a reality.

Pictured above the Ulaelu outdoor kitchen is a minimalists dream. It allows you to hook up a sink, a grill, and more. It pretty much does allows you to do everything you would in your indoor kitchen without having to open and close that screen door a few hundred times as bring food in and out to be prepped.

The Ulaelu outdoor kitchen is modular too so you can add the elements that you want and leave off the ones you won’t use. Pricing is custom based on how much you want to build onto it, but it’s definitely worth exploring. Check it out for yourself at

Or if you’d rather just find a new home with an outdoor kitchen, we have plenty of amazing places for you to explore at

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