The Most Uncomfortable Sofa in the World

What pops in your head when you hear the word “sofa?”

Is it visions of relaxing? Perhaps plopping down on it with remote in hand and snack at the ready? Maybe a great spot for taking a lazy Sunday afternoon nap?

This sofa from Peugeot (yes, they call it a sofa) is not for any of those things. In fact it might be the most uncomfortable sofa in the known galaxy. This chic and completely unnecessary piece of furniture is made of onyx and volcanic lava stone. Yes, that’s right. Volcanic lava stone. Sounds comfy right?

Oh and good luck moving it. The “sofa” weights 800 pounds. As if that wasn’t hefty enough, the price tag is $186,000.

I will say that it is guaranteed to last and I believe it’s stain proof. Click here for more details if you dare.

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