Landscape Lighting Plays Up Your Home’s Nighttime Beauty

Adding landscape lighting to your Dallas-area home creates a combination of security and style that gives any home curb appeal. So how do you choose the outdoor lighting that’s right for your property? First, you’re going to want to figure out which architectural and landscape features you want to emphasize.

Say “Welcome!” with Lighting

When you’re considering landscape lighting, it’s best to focus on one feature of your home. Usually, it’s the front door: Adding lighting to your entryway and to outline your sidewalks gives nighttime visitors a well-designated pathway to your front door, increasing safety and security at the same time.

Worried about making your yard look like an airport landing strip? Try adding lights along your sidewalk or driveway at differing intervals. Many homeowners use plants to edge their walkways, which also gives you a place to add a light in alternating spots.

The Right Lights

Uplights allow you to highlight your home’s exterior, creating a dramatic look for the brick or stonework. They’re also a great way to highlight trees. In addition to the house and walkways, you should light some of the actual landscape around your home.

Whatever approach you take, be sure to incorporate a variety of different lighting fixtures. Using all uplights or flood fixtures can wash out your home and yard. Instead, go for a combination of small and large lights to create the look of moonlight on your landscape.

Saving Energy

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be a burden on your utility bill — just be energy conscious when you buy your landscape lighting fixtures. LEDs may cost more to buy, but over time they’ll amount to a significant cost savings over less-efficient lighting solutions. In the Dallas area, there’s enough sun to make solar lighting a viable option. Companies like Lentz Landscape Lighting can retrofit older lighting to save on electricity. You also can save energy by replacing bulbs and keeping vegetation growth from blocking the view, according to the experts at Silver Moon Landscape and Architectural Lighting.

If you’d prefer not to keep your entire landscape lit all night, you can also install a timer for your outdoor lighting. Motion-detecting lights can increase your home’s security.

With these aesthetic and safety benefits, adding lighting to your landscape can increase the value of your home. And if you’re selling during the winter months when it’s dark in Dallas by 5:30 p.m., landscape lighting will actually help sell your home after dark.

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