Candace Garvey’s Tips on Staging a Home to Sell

While filming at baseball legend Steve Garvey’s Palm Desert home for the upcoming Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage video series, his wife Candace took a few minutes to share a few tips on how to stage a home to “show” well and sell quickly.

Candace is an expert in the art of staging a home for sale. She’s sold her family’s home multiple times and has even had a few instances of selling them on the first day they’ve hit the market to the first couple to walk through her doors!

In her conversation with SVP of Marketing Sean Blankenship, she reveals some of the easy and often overlooked things that could be done to put your homes’ best foot forward. From lighting to wetting down the sidewalk/driveway; on over to a trick involving cotton balls and vanilla – Candace lets us in on her home staging secrets.

What other simple ways can you make your house feel like someone else’s home as soon as they walk through those doors? Let us know on Twitter @coldwellbanker via the hashtag #FirstHome.

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