Cancel Your Gym Membership and Stay Fit at Home


If you got a Fitbit or Nike Fuelband for Christmas, I’m sorry. It’s already obsolete.

Here at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I have found more wearable tech for tracking your exercise routine and overall wellness than you would find Darth Vader costumes at ComicCon. Seriously, wearable health tracker tech is everywhere!

While going to the gym has become a social activity for many health conscious homeowners, the idea of staying home to get fit may be a more affordable reality. I could give you a rundown of every amazing item I’ve come across, but the most complete home fitness system I came across at CES is from iFIT.

iFIT wants to make every facet of your health better from sleep monitoring to exercise routines to even what you eat. While many other companies have wearable watches and bracelets that connect to a mobile app, iFIT has a selection of products that connect to each other and create a holistic view of how to improve your health at home.

iFIT Vue bracelets and watches.

For example, let’s say you have the iFIT Vue wristband (scheduled to debut in Spring 2015), the iFIT Mix drink maker and the iFIT Fuse humidifier/air cleanser. All of these devices talk to each other to each other via Bluetooth to determine what activities you should or should not be doing the next day. The iFIT Vue tracks your sleep patterns and sees you are a bit restless. The Vue then triggers the iFIT Fuse to release a lilac scent to help you fall asleep faster. Then the Vue realizes you are about to enter a really deep sleep, but your phone alarm is set to go off in just 15 minutes which means you would be jolted awake so it tells your phone alarm to go off 15 minutes sooner to prevent you from waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

iFIT Mix and iFIT Fuse

Now your Vue and your Fuse devices talk to your iFIT Mix which concludes you need an extra shot of caffeine and protein in your breakfast drink this morning because of the restless night so it recommends a special mix to help you have a better start to your day. All this data is then used to adjust your recommended workout routine in the iFIT app to suit what your body needs in order to recoup.

iFIT wants you to use their entire suite of products to create the ultimate, personalized workout routine and create a healthier you. They have everything from a special bed to better track your sleep patterns, treadmills for home workouts, shoes for tracking steps and improving the way you walk and even a standing desk with a white board that transforms into a treadmill. Yes, that’s a right. A white board that turns into a treadmill.

Most of the iFIT products I highlighted are planned for release in 2015 and do not have pricing associated with each product yet. While I fully expect none of these products will be cheap, I think the argument can be made that the investment will definitely offset your gym membership fees over time. Plus you have the convenience of having your gym be right in your home. Sadly, that also makes it tougher to come up with an excuse as to why you aren’t working out.

Would you want this sophisticated a workout system in your home? Let us know in the comments and browse through all our discoveries from the 2015 CES at

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