Best Real Estate Online Resources to Apartment Search a NYC Neighborhood

A wonderful way to begin the home and apartment search for the perfect place to purchase or rent in New York City, is by using online resources to research NYC neighborhoods. With so many localities and boroughs it can get extremely confusing and frustrating. Online tools lets you view school statistics, local shopping, and transportation, as well as averages costs to buy or rent.

Resource Tools

Free tools on the web can allow you to pinpoint locations in your search for a place to live by matching your desires and requirements for New York City living. Do you have a family with an important need for close proximity to schools, or perhaps you want to be in a neighborhood with a happening night life or an abundance of shopping or recreation choices? Is living close to public transportation essential or maybe you are looking for a location that offers parking? Online tools will help narrow and refine your choices during your NYC apartment search.


Wondering if the rental you are looking at is the right price, Rentometer can be your guide. Simply put in the address you are searching with the rental price and number of bedrooms and you will receive rental comparison results instantly. The results will let you know if the rent is reasonable or over the top based on rentals in the nearby area. Rentometer also offers a resource center and blog to help with moving and renting advice.

Walk Score

If you’re looking for the best neighborhood in your apartment search that is convenient for walking, then Walk Score is the perfect tool to use. Type in a location or address in their search and you will get a walk score telling you how walk friendly the neighborhood is for running errands. In addition, you can see “great nearby places” such as schools, parks, stores, and more, as well as a commute report. Walk Score also gives you peace of mind with information about crime and safety.

Google Maps

Google Maps may be the place to go for directions, but it really offers so much more information for those in the midst of a search for an apartment in New York City. Just plot in the address or region that you are searching in and Google Maps will allow you to view local shops, restaurants, places of interest, and transportation nearby. What is great about Google Maps is that it determines distances and precise directions to schools and locations that you will be visiting regularly to make sure that the location you seek is the optimal place for you to live.

Using these online resources can assist in the quest for the perfect rental abode to fit your unique requirements. Whether searching alone or with others, by beginning the apartment search online, and doing your homework, you will be able to head out to look at apartment locations with confidence. Enjoy the search of finding your place in the Big Apple that will be the perfect home sweet home.

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