Best Bets in Fort Worth Real Estate

Fort Worth is a town that has reinvented itself time and again, fueled by a proactive local government always on the lookout for ways to invest in the future. Read on to learn about a few of your best bets in Fort Worth real estate — but remember, that many other great neighborhoods may not have made the list. Discuss your expectations and needs with your real estate agent to find the best area to settle with your family.

History-Laden Fairmount

Fairmount is one historic neighborhood in Cowtown that has experienced a huge turnaround in recent years, going from a rundown area to one revitalized and in demand. Its jump in popularity has been so large that it’s been recognized as a great “comeback” neighborhood by Southern Living magazine.

  • Pro: Much money has been invested in Fairmount to spruce up both commercial and residential properties.
  • Con: Many properties are still in need of attention. This con can quickly become a pro, however. If you aren’t afraid of a home renovation project, you can earn sweat equity by buying a fixer-upper.

Lovely Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights, a neighborhood west of the TCU area near the old Carswell Air Force Base (now the NAS Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth) is a fabulous mixture of old and new. In this area, you’ll find many older homes on nice-sized lots just waiting for a new family to move in. Additionally, much thought has been given to bringing in new shopping centers and businesses, including Whole Foods.

  • Pro: Arlington Heights has a great high school and charm to spare.
  • Con: Home prices are rising quickly here, so buy while you still can at a great price.

Far North Fort Worth

Fort Worth has expanded exponentially in land area over the past two decades, annexing land to the west and north of original city boundaries. And especially in far north Fort Worth, new communities are springing up quickly. These newer developments function largely as independent areas, including several master-planned communities.

  • Pro: Newer homes are available at terrific prices, and if you’re interested in a new build, many different home plans are available for consideration.
  • Con: Because this area is geographically separated from the core of Fort Worth, residents can sometimes feel a bit cut off from the city as a whole. This con can also be a pro, however, if you’re seeking a small town milieu instead of a big city influence.

Ready to check out these opportunities in Fort Worth real estate? Get started by calling your real estate agent today.

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